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 投稿者:DCMO  投稿日:2009年11月24日(火)07時40分8秒
  通報 返信・引用
  Daegu Contemporary Music Orchestra

菅野茂:管弦楽曲の為の「アザラシ組曲」がまもなく初演される。指揮はH.K choi

Performance 11th December in korea Deagu.

WVE-208g: Seehunde-Suite for small orchestra

This suite is a origin from an small opera “Seehunde” Libretto and Idea by an american in Los Angels: Todd Bash.
and Libretto:
Because of new world economic crash we must give up first performance of the opera. Thus I arranged as a suite, which consist of Prelude, Intermezzo and Finale/Coda. Between each movement I don´t want to give a small pause. I tieded each music as a absolute music for ca. 10 minutes, however one may listen as a an opera-suite.

I inform further about original opera too:
WVE-208. „Seehunde“ Musiktheater, Libretto by Todd Bash (29.1.2003/Hilgenroth) ca.23 min.1111-1110.2P,Pf.11111

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